Will The Post-Op Time Vary With Each Doctor?

When undergoing any medical procedure, no two patients are exactly alike. Weight, medical history and gender are all factors involved in the outcomes of surgery.

Post-op times will also vary with doctors doing the same or similar procedures due to the modes or instrumentation used to perform or assist with the surgery. Post-op time can also vary due to minor complications or unexpected sightings during the surgical procedure.

However, an experienced surgeon carefully reviews each potential patient individually and performs preoperative testing to insure the patient is able to tolerate the procedure. There are so many safety nets in place in today’s world of medicine that complications are very rare.

When discussing the outcomes and recovery times for the procedures, surgeons will often tend to go on the higher side rather than lower. So, if the recovery time for a particular procedure averages ten days, they will suggest recovery can be up to two weeks. Perhaps it can even be as little as one week.

Surgeons will not gain patient trust or an honorable reputation by exaggerating their recovery times as compared to a competitor. Medicine is not that type of business. Go with the doctor who is most realistic.

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