Should You Ask Your Doctor About Potential Complications?

Whether you are about to have urgent or elective surgery, it’s important for a patient to know and understand the procedures the doctor will follow. This means the pre-operative preparations should be fully explained and the expected outcome as a result.

Explanation of potential complications by the surgeon or another trusted staff member is necessary. Even the most minor of procedures can have complications such as bleeding or infection and, even if very rare, some can be life threatening. Additional information can be found at Patients are urged to report anything they or a caregiver deem as unusual or unexpected back to the surgeon’s office as soon as possible to insure their health and safety.

A good surgeon and their staff will help explain not only what to expect before and during the procedure, but what to expect when you return home. They should be able to tell the patient what is considered normal and temporary after the procedure. They should provide a list of possible side effects or symptoms and what, if anything, should be reported to the physician if they occur.

A caring surgeon looks out for the health and safety of their patients and wishes to make them feel safe, comfortable and secure.

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