Will The Post-Op Time Vary With Each Doctor?

When undergoing any medical procedure, no two patients are exactly alike. Weight, medical history and gender are all factors involved in the outcomes of surgery. Post-op times will also vary with doctors doing the same or similar procedures due to the modes or instrumentation used to perform or assist with the surgery. Post-op time can [...]

Ten Things To Bring On The Day Of Surgery

Depending on the length of your procedure as well as recovery time inside the hospital, you should make your stay as comfortable as possible. Bring things with you that comfort you as well as keep you occupied to make your wait more bearable: Always make sure to have a family photo just so you can [...]

Should You Ask Your Doctor About Potential Complications?

Whether you are about to have urgent or elective surgery, it’s important for a patient to know and understand the procedures the doctor will follow. This means the pre-operative preparations should be fully explained and the expected outcome as a result. Explanation of potential complications by the surgeon or another trusted staff member is necessary. [...]

How Important Is Bedside Manner When Choosing A Doctor?

Bedside manner may not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a surgeon, or any doctor, for that matter. We tend to focus on their abilities, how many procedures of the type you require that they have done, success rate, and personal recommendations. All of that is good, however, if you feel [...]